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Tori’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jun 2006

Location: Little old Adelaide, Australia

MapWell, here I am, sitting in little (c)old Adelaide, and after having a look at Kim's site, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to make one last entry here. After all, when I left off, I was (in fact both Kim and I were) crankily waiting in Auckland airport after Aerolineas had failed to notify us that there was going to be a delay on our flight.

So, after catching up on some emails, making the most of the free internet service, and then ringing a helpful airline and making sure we could change our seats to a later flight to Adelaide, we skipped through immigration, and spent the rest of the day in the airport lounges.
As you can imagine, there's really not a lot to do... eat, have a wander through the duty free shops, eat more, lay down on the un-comfy seats, eat more, and watch some TV, well, to be correct, watch World Cup Soccer, in fact, watch the same game twice in a row.... Now I don't mind a bit of football, but when the game finished and the French Open tennis final came on, I was happy - until the bloody barman went and changed the channel to a replay of the match that we had JUST finished watching.
We really were a captive audience though, and it seemed that every TV in the terminal was determined to show every possible minute of soccer footage available, so Kim & I just stayed in our lovely (little more comfy) window seats in the bar area , watching and waiting in hope of an Aerolineas jet arriving.
Our rescheduled flight was supposed to depart at 2.20pm, but actually depart on time??? NO, we couldn't have been so lucky. There was a mammoth f--k up with the seating allocations - my seat was already allocated, and Kim & I ended up making it onto the plane with our new seat allocations scribbled onto the back of our original boarding passes! Without the very helpful Air NZ staff, who even had to come on and do a head count to make sure all passengers were aboard, I'm not sure we would have ever taken off.
Speaking of taking off - I'm sure a bit of putty and tender loving care wouldn't have done the plane any harm. We had a TV attached to the ceiling just behind our seats, and it rattled so much - not only during take off, that I was living in fear of it collapsing on my head for the whole 3 1/2 hours to Sydney!
I have to say that I was very glad when the plane touched down in Sydney. Kim & I didn't waste any time getting off and getting through Immigration and Customs. Once out, we jumped onto a shuttle bus, and hurtled across to the domestic terminal, determined to to check onto our flight to Adelaide - it was the last flight for the night...
That done, and with plenty of time I might add, we had enough time to have a wander through the terminal, get a drink, ring home to let everyone know that we would be on the flight, and buy a box of Krispy Kremes (to ensure that someone would actually agree to take me home from the airport!), before boarding the plane.
So, after our mighty big adventure and one last little flight, we arrived back in Adelaide at 8.30pm... The end of a very, very, very long day!