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Jon’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Mar 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapI can't believe that the newspaper here reports yesturday weather. I discovered this just a few weeks ago but forgot to mention it. I guess just incase you were away for the day to see if your grass got watered or not! Who knows.
I'm full swing into my studies now. It takes up most of my days but soon it will slow down again. I am working harder then ever before during the week just to clear the weekends for play. This weekend we are going to head up near Wanaka. Try and find where Shania Twain lives. She has a place around there so we might stop bye and say hello. I'm practicing some of her songs at the moment just incase.
Last weekend I was lifted out of a party by my good mates Oz and Taka and a few other boys from res and thrown into a bush. Afterwards Taka and I had a cake fight and then I threw him in the same bush I had crushed earlier. It was all in good fun but poor bush!
My surf skills are gradually getting better. Oz, Taka, Jacob (he's from Germany and lives next door to me) and I went out on Saturday and Sunday. The surf was terrible both days but we still had a go at it. You know the surf is bad when your the only ones in the water. Either that or there was a shark parade on it's way! Anyway still good times. I am in the stages of catching a little bigger waves now which could mean more soarness. Basically all Sunday was spent paddling as the waves just weren't there. Maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't have been out there trying to catch bigger waves!?
I have class in 30 minutes so I best be going. Love hearing from everyone back home. Thanks for the messages. Will be glad when the time is up here to return to the heart warming place of HOME. For now I will suffer here in the mountains!!!