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Jon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 May 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapJust a little Kiwi slang for yeah....

Kiwi / Canadian translation

How'd you get on? ----- How did you do?
Flash ---- styling
Sing out the prof will say ------ shout out if you have a question
Waiting in the Q --------- waiting in line
The was pretty Hard on --------- that was pretty tough
SWEET AS (the most common recognized kiwi slang word) ---SWEET
No worries ------ common in CAN but said more than thank you in NZ
Today I was gutted when I found out that it was raining again ---- i was really disappointed / upset
Don't tell me you don't give a rip? ----- replace rip for sh*t
"Hey bro" is just a friendly greeting said between friends ALL the time
Chillie bin ----- cooler
A handle of beer ---- a pint
Jandals ----- sandals
tramping ----- is a bush-walk, a trek that is more serious than an ordinary walk, usually requiring some experience and equipment

Just a few of the slang words that I have adopted over the time I've been here. So if I say sweet as, don't mistake it for something it's not (Meg).

The Highlanders last rugby match was on Friday. They lost to the Waratahs and now have two away games till there done for the season. It poured down rain on us throughout the match but still was a good time. Net ball is huge here in New Zealand so hopefully I will be able to get out to a few games. It is more played by women then men as I understand it. Field hockey (which they call it hockey here - which it is far from but anyway) is played at high levels for both men and women and is also another big sport here. There is a field that has lights just down the road and they have games there a few times a week. I think it may be big in Europe as well because a friend in our hall plays in England.

I hope the month of May brings less rain. I will try and post pictures of the Leith (RIVER) that runs through our campus. A few days back the water level was so high that it created level five rapids in the leith. Some guys in my class kayaked it. The dangerous part of doing the leith when it's running that fast and the water is up that high is that you could get caught under a bridge with 1 meter clearances as well once you jump into the current of the leith you can't get out until you come out at the harbour which is probably 10 kms. The beginning of the year the Leith is only about 2 - 3 feet deep and they hold an event in the river as student have to race with their bikes to the end of it. You get a old beat up bike or a friends bike and in some parts you can pedal through it and other parts are to deep so you have to throw the bike on your back and walk it. The university and this town caters to the student body here and let's the students put on so many types of wild events. I've also been told in a few months that there will be the 100 meter nude sprint. Which the winner gets a chunk of cash and it's held out in this big field near bye. Everyone gets drunk then naked and then sprints 100 meters. What next? I think it's more of a spectators sport. What students will do for a little extra cash! It gets better, this event is sponsored by a big beer company down here! The students run this city, and it's amazing to me that the locals sit back and enjoy the mayhem. A great cultural experience living in Dunedin that's forsure. My friend Anna that lives on the North Island of NZ says that this is the only city in New Zealand that is like this. A very different cultural experience. Cheers