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Jon’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapThe Capping show is going on this week at Uni. It is one of the oldest and staunchest traditions at Otago. It is three weeks of graduation and many events around to celebrate the graduands. The Leith Bike race (which is our river that runs through campus) is going to be going on next Friday and I'm going to be getting involved! I have my sweet as bike with the choice basket on the front! ready to speed through the water to the finish line. I think I wrote about it in my last journal entry but I wasn't aware that the event was going to be this close. I may have to practice a small bit. I was wondering what people were doing jogging around with bikes on their backs? Other capping events include several parades throughout the three weeks down the main street in Dunedin, with contests for best float, a play that takes the piss out of everyone (med students, physed students, different papers, professors, Dunedin etc) apparently very funny. There is a mock battle that takes place in the court yard on campus where they battle with flour and cardboard swords. The other events are just ridiculous. Today I walked through campus and stopped to watch a chili pepper eating contest. Now these are some of the hottest peppers going and the one bloke put five in his mouth at once. The contest was to see who could eat the most chili peppers without getting sick. It was good fun to watch. This event was followed by a porridge wrestling, and a gumboot skull (which is a huge old farm boot full of beer and it's a race to empty the boot) It's good to see some of these creative ideas and events that they do around here. Many ideas for events to be brought back to uni.
4 more weeks of classes and then exam time. The count down is on. No adventures till then.

"If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side". Unknown