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Jon’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapIt's all coming to an end so quickly. It hasn't hit me yet that I only have a remaining 16 days left here in my residence. I will miss this place but even more so the friends that I have made. I guess I haven't thought about everyone disappearing and to never see most of them again but it's going to happen and it will be hard. I have the last exam spot of the exam schedule so I will get to see everyone leave before me.

The first snow fall of the year in Dunedin was on Sunday. It snowed for about an hour and then let up. The mountains around had snow on them but it was quick to melt away. My roommate Choong Yi from Malaysia had never seen snow. I've never seen anyone so excited for a 1cm of snow!

I bought tickets to the rugby tri-nations game, New Zealand All Blacks vs against the Australian Wallabies. Possibly the best rugby match you could ever get to see. The game will be on July 8th in Christchurch and finish our road trip with Oz, Taka, Arny, Choong Yi, Teressa, Jana and I. The plan after the game is to revisit boogie nights (disco bar). From there I will travel up to the north island where I will begin to work on the sheep farm. So much to learn about sheep, I'll be able to speak sheep when I get home.

Everything was becoming familiar here in Dunedin and now it's all over. The experience has been unforgettable. The best decision I have made in my educational career was to study abroad. I have so many untouchable memories, and a new desire, to travel and see more of this beautiful world. Though it's time to get back home and finish what I started, my degree in PE.

Better get back to studying, it'll be over soon! I am excited to see everyone back home! All my love....