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Jon’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapI have wrote my final exam at Otago University and am very excited to have this stage of my trip finished! It's that surreal feeling you have afterwards. You really don't know what to do because everything that you now have time for is already done because when you were procrastinating for your exam you did instead, example cleaned up, emailed everyone that had sent you an email that day, packed, etc. So happy to be done. There will be a big party next door tonight. The boys are already setting up for it. The residence that I am staying at is so great as they provide the stereo system for the party, the outdoor heaters, and the security guards. It will be the last chance to party with all the friends that I made while living here in the international hall. I will never have this opportunity again. Living with people from all over the world was a priceless experience and enjoyed every minute of it.

I sort out the lose ends over the next few days and leave on Friday with Arny, Oz, Taka, Choong Yi (my roommate), and the two German girls for a two week road trip. It's going to be an incredible trip. From here on in I will have little excess to Internet so I will only be updating photos. I will miss Dunedin, but look forward to the return home! August 2nd I'll be home.