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Jon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Jun 2006

Location: Queenstown Franz Joseph, New Zealand

MapWell day three of our road trip and we have gone snowboarding on beautiful Cadrona Mountain. The day was filled with sunshine and painful wipeouts. My roomate from Maleisia, CY, who has only seen snow once before decided to give snowboarding a try. He got MIB (most improved boarder), by the end of the day he was flying down the mountain. Arny had only been skiing indoors, which just is weird, and Taka is fearless and just likes the feeling of pain.

Day 2 went touring around Queenstown and climbed to the top of the Gondola lift where we discovered the street car luge. This was a cheap thrill! Basically go-carts but instead of having engines the cars race down the hill, gravity being the V8 engine, and running into one another seemed to be the thing to do.

Day 3 - just finished our hike up the Franz Joseph Glacier which was brilliant. I climbed the Fox when Jim was down but it was a totally different experience climbing the Franz. Each experience being great. I will update the photos later on, as for right now I'm running out of time and going to be thrown off soon. I can't wait to get back into summer time mode!