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Jon’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jan 2006

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

MapI have arrived safely in Kelowna after travelling on a plane for my very first time. After the take off I seemed to have sweat so much that I needed to a new shirt. After landing in Calgary and lining up to board the my connecting flight, I witnessed this huge cloud of smoke coming from the other side of the West Jet building. I was quite terrified as I thought a plane had gone down. So again I'm sweating the whole time before we take off thinking of what I just saw. We get up in the air and I look to see where the black smoke is rolling and it is a drill they are performing to get ready for when the real thing happens. They need to be a little more clear for newbies such as myself.

My Aunt lives in Kelowna a beautiful part of BC. We went on a hike today with her friends. The weather isn't very good as it is misty out and the fog is terrible for taking pictures.

You meet the nicest people along your adventure!