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Jon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Jan 2006

Location: Kamloops, BC, Canada

MapToday we travelled north 2 hours to Kamloops where Erin goes to school. Entering the city you smell the pulp mill that is at the far end of the city. The smell is very strong and putrid.

Things that I find different from home in Ontario is that people in Kamloops obey the cross walks and do not J walk. If caught J walking in Kamloops, which police patrol very carefully (according to Erin), you are fined $100. Liquor is sold everywhere here in BC as well there are many homeless people lining the city streets as it has milder winters in the valley bottom. We stopped outside the grocery store to talk and listen to this homeless guy bust out on his acoustic guitar. He was singing his heart out, jamming on his guitar, and he seemed to have a happiness in his life. It was encouraging watching someone that seemed to have so little, be content with what he had and using the gifts he was given. I hope to meet this guy somewhere around the city tomorrow and just sit and chill out with him, listening to his songs. He reminded me of a friend back home (Richard Laviolette) who is just a privilege to hang out with and listen to his life stories.

Tonight Erin and I went out to a golf coarse that overlooked the city lights. It was a sight to see! It brought back memories of our night adventures at Brock. Anyway I am looking forward to my week in Kamloops. Tomorrow I go to Erin's Uni and hopefully do some more hiking!

Over and Out!