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Jon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jan 2006

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

MapSo these are the days to remember. So many good stories and so little time to sit down and write them all. Oh yeah and before I start, I should share that it rains EVERY day here! I have successfully conquered Vancouver Island touring most of the Island. The tour started off at my Aunt Roses best friendís (Pam) place in Chemanius where I celebrated my second 80th birthday party of the trip. I feel as though I may have found a new place to meet girls. Iíve become an 80th birthday crasher. I have also come to realize that everyone indeed does have a dog here in BC. I guess itís just a great place to go for hikes with your dog. Protector and friend.

Alright so if everyone has dogs then I guess you have to have some stories that are worth sharing, and luck would have it I do. So Pamís dog Doc is a special dog with some problems seeing and such, and well he has a very loud bark and is a larger size dog, also I am intimidated by strange large dogs, something about it. Well I like to get up through the night and go to the washroom. Which your thinking how do these stories link? All in good time my friend, the first night I got up to go to the washroom, Doc jumps off the couch and starts barking aggressively towards me because he forgets Iím here or canít see who it is or something like that. I run back in my room and now wait, because I know heís just out there waiting for me. And you know how it is when you have to go to the washroom and you have to wait, it just makes it that much worse! So I wait and wait until he falls asleep. So I peek my head out the door of my room in fear that he will bark again and wake everyone up in the house, so I can see him lying there on the couch and I tip toe softly to the washroom and he wakes again but this time comes gently trotting towards me thinking he may eat me. But I live to tell the story so you know the ending. What a silly dog though.

Sunday Aunt Rose and I drove up to Campbell River and stayed the night over there. We drove through rain and arrived safely to a cheap hotel. Every day we made a point of eating fresh seafood as I would have to enjoy it while I was out on the coast. The night was filled with laughs and good cheer. The next day we drove down to Tafino, passing through Cathedral Grove. Cathedral Grove has the largest trees that you will ever see in your life. Itís this amazing tropical rain forest with trees so large around that it would take probably 6 people linking arms to hug this tree. Words can not start to explain the incredible beauty of this forest. So I took many pictures, and Dad you were right with telling me that Aunty Rose takes lotís of photoís but the great thing of it now is that I have all these spectacular photos. We arrived in Tafino which is on the west side of Vancouver Island which surfers paradise. I guess surf season is in the winter when the Pacific is the roughest. It seems so crazy, these guys are out in the pouring rain because it rains all the time, in their wet suits, riding bikes to the beach and itís January 17th. Itís a different way of life here on the Island. Also took a great hike through Uculet just below Tafino on the West side and took pictures upon pictures of the ocean water hitting the rocks down below. Saw many great sea creatures and got two soakers.
After that went back to Pamís and stayed another night with good old Doc on the couch monitoring activity coming out of the spare room. The next day we ventured out to Victoria the provinces capital where we took a tour of the city, went through the BC museum, which was very educational, but fun and then Aunty Rose dropped me off at my friends Katieís place in Victoria. It was so great spending time with my Aunt, who knows when the next time weíll meet again. I have a lot of IOUís built up over the time we travelled so I know it wonít be the last time we meet. She has to come out our way at least once more to cash in. Anytime Aunt Rose.

U of Vic is a beautiful campus and probably that much more beautiful in the summer. There are bunnies everywhere, there has to be a thousand rabbits spread throughout campus. You donít even see that many rabbits in a petting zoo. It is quite uncanny! I also was taught by the great master herself Katie how to Long board (which is a long skateboard and you go down hills on it and itís there dry training of surfing). We strolled down to the ocean which was a block away from her house and sat out there and enjoyed good conversation watching the tide roll in. Currently I am sitting on the ferry to go back to main land to meet up with Tracy. I canít believe Iíve been here 13 days. Iíve seen much of BC in 13 days.
Iím now off to Vancouver.