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Jon’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jan 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell another packed couple of days. Vancouver is apparently a lot bigger then it looked on the map. How does that always happen. The ferry terminal looked so close but apparently was a 40 minute drive and was out of walking distance (which I contemplated at one point).

So it is my second last day here visiting my friend Tracy and we have had so many exciting days spent together. The day I arrived I was thrown into helping run this fantastic event held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) that Tracy was in charge of. I ended up refereeing a few different events and meeting many great friends of Tracy. The event went on in the arena which had many different games going on as there were 2 pads of events going on. They called the event ICE WARS. There was ringette, broomball, human sled bowling, handball, and curling which had homemade rocks created which made it more fun. I helped out with the curling and ended up making up new rules every round. My all time favorite rule was that they had to throw the rock backwards in between there legs. It was a great event and we closed up there and went to this terrific Vegetarian restaurant close by Tracy's. Who knew vegetarian food could be so good.

The second day here we went for what was suppose to be a short run to Stanley Park and ended up taking us two hours. I truly know what sore legs are suppose to feel like, and alright we didn't run the whole way there and back it was more like we ran there and walked back but still it was a tremendous hike. Stanley Park is this huge park in Vancouver that many people go through. It is about the size of Springwater back home but has paved paths through it for runners/bikers/and walkers. That night we attended an event at UBC which had $1 beers (beers on sale!) and the theme of the event was Cowboys and Lumber-Jacks which I felt right in my element there. Much like home! The night was filled with full pints and dancing! Tracy taught me a few new moves that I'll be able to bring back home.

That next day we decided to hop a bus at 7 in the morning to travel up to Whistler, which would have been an awesome idea except the fact that I had little drummer men pounding away on the outside of my scull. Let's just say I've had more pleasant bus rides. So we arrive in Whistler 2 hours later and it's board heaven. You can't see the top of the mountain and your heart starts racing in anticipation of what's to come of the day. It took us a half hour to get to the top and just as much time to work our way down. Tracy had a few good spills and I had a few good ones as well but what I like to say is "If you don't wipe out, your not trying hard enough"! Anyway the ski conditions were perfect and we met so many different people on the gandulla that were from all over (Hawaii, Australia, England etc.) which makes Whistler so unique from any other hill I've skied on; for it attracts such a diverse group of people. We made it off in one piece (which always is a sign of a good day on the slopes) and walked onto the bus and headed for home.

Today we headed to the Anthropology Museum at UBC where we seen many old artifacts such as totem poles, weapons, tools, decor etc. It was very First Nation base. The amount of weapons they had on display could have supplied the whole Canadian Military core. It was a very cultivating experience and learned many artistic techniques that they used hundreds of years ago. Tomorrow we will be going to a Art Gallery to check out the Picasso exhibit. It should be a good party!

Over and Out!