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Jon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Jan 2006

Location: Cairns, Australia

MapSo I've officially been here two days now and the weather is a steamy 35 + degrees outside. The total travel time to get to Cairns was 30 hours and that's from Vancouver International. Amazing enough I am feeling pretty well rested. The first night I stayed in a rubish hostel, very dirty and cock-roaches were following me to the shower. If you needed to get to the bathroom it was a 200 meter trek across the property in the pouring rain. It's incredible the rain that we have got since I've been here.

Though there is no language barrier, Australia seems so unfamiliar and foreign. Every bird that I have seen is beautiful, they make all kinds of cheerful noices. The bats here are as big as hawks and soar through the night air as if they were batman himself. The beach here you are unable to swim at because of the Box Jelly Fish. They are highly dangerous and have been known to kill people. I look forward to swimming in the ocean!

I just took a didgeridoo leason which was fantastic. It's a wooden instrument that makes a very unique sound and the guy worked on me doing circular breathing. After half of an hour I suffered defeat. Didgeridoo 1 Jon 0. The instruments range from $200 - $1000.

Everyone in Cairns seems to be a foreigner. I swear no Aussies live here. I have met more Irish and English people then I have locals working at the pubs. Today someone stopped and talked to me for over an hour just because they saw my Canadian flag on my bag and they ended up being from PEI. The people you meet. On my way across to Australia, I was talking to a women on the over side of the plane that her father and law was one of the customers that we delivered pheasants to on Wolfe Island near Kingston. Small world! Also on the plane I talked to a lady that was flying to Melbourne and her nephews were the band members of Jet. It's just interesting how small the world really is!

I still can't believe I'm on the other side of the world. But it's paradise out here! My tour starts tomorrow and we go to check out a well known rainforest, and Sunday we sail out to the Great Barrier Reef. Should be a fun couple of days ahead.

Hostel cooking is extreme. Today I shared a kitchen with 15 other people in it cooking there meals. First of all, when I cook I don't like anyone being in my way, let alone 15. Was foreign to how the gas stove worked. I was wondering after half an hour why the water wasn't boiling? Also accidently turned on the gas to the oven. A lady later opened the oven door and burnt all here arm hair off. Opps. And then when I through my fish into the skillet with the hot oil, it splashed everyone around me resulting in them moving franticly out of my way, so I guess it wasn't that bad of a thing. So my first hostel dinner was filled with a lot of action!

More to come. And I still can't figure out why they have two buttons on there toilet. They seem to flush the same. Aussies?

Cheer and Love