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Jon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Feb 2006

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

MapGood-day, Hello, Bonjour

I have much to catch everyone up on as I have been having way to much fun travelling this beautiful country. So I have finally discovered what the two flushes are all about. So smart! Also thanks Mom and Dad for checking my page so often. I am apparently 2nd most visited journal site on Planet Ranger. Also thankyou to everyone for checking in on me once in awhile dropping me a line here and there.

Anyway to the good stuff. After Cairns we spent two nights on one of the Whitsundays Islands named Long Island. There we took a day tour on a catamoran around the islands which were gorgeous. We snorkelled there and went swimming on one of the most beautiful beaches I think I'll ever see. There though the Jelly fish are very bad and you have to wear suits to prevent being stung. I also got bit by a small sea lice. Vicious little creatures that are to small to see with the naked eye. When the sun went down at the resort there was thousands of bats flying around. It was like some horror film that was never made. We staid there for two nights and then travelled to the Capricorn Caves, which I didn't bother to pay the money to do just because I'm going to go caving in New Zealand with the glow worms. So we staid there a night where we discovered in the morning wild Kangaroos hoping about. When we went for breakfast there was all these guys hanging out just waiting for a little snack. The rule is that you can't go up and pet them do to they could possibley kick you and who likes being kicked really?

Travelled next to Fraser Island and stayed there for two nights. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world which is impressive but everything is built on sand. The roads are all this loose sand, the buses have sand tires on them and the whole island is filled with crazy 4 wheel drive vehicles bombing around. The highway is around the parimeter of the island where they drive on the shore. Pedestrians look out. You can't swim there either due to the large amount of sharks around and the Jellies. So basically you swim in the pool and look out at the ocean. We went fishing while on the island and surpriseling caught nothing.?! We were really hoping to catch a baby shark. The only thing with our fishing journey was that we didn't have a pole like normal fishing people would have. We had a line with a hook and a weight tide to it. You can see the delema. So we would have to run out knee deep into the shark infested water to through the line in, and then let the current take the rest of the line out into the water. Not to worry mom, a local told us we would be fine going out there. Also around our resort there were dingo's and lot's of them. Very harmless when your with a group but if you were alone could be dangerous. So we also had to watch out for these guys while night fishing in the shark infested water. I know mom, becareful! We took the next day to visit Lake McKenzie which is a fresh water lake that is amazingly clear and you can see to the bottom. It was very beautiful to just sit out there and take it all in. Also nice to finally be able to swim without worrying about what was going to attack you first. We took a cab there that carried us across the sand roads that took 45 minutes to travel 15 km due to the ups and downs of the road. If you get car sick at all this ride is not for you.

I am now currently in Surfers Paradise. It is a very commercialled city with hustle and bustle all around you. I decided that I wanted to learn how to surf here and not at Byron Bay where we are going next, where people say it's easier to learn there, so I signed up for a two hour surf lesson. In the first hour I was up and riding on my board. It's not as easy as you think it would be. I swallowed a lot of water throughout my two hour lesson and have sand everywhere as I sit here and type this. After our lesson we decided we hadn't had enough of that salt water taste and went back out for more. By the end you kept wanting to go out and hit more waves but your body was just to drained to keep up. I felt the rip curl as it sucks you into the ocean. You have to be careful and when in trouble start paddling not against it because it will defeat you but sideways to get out of it. Also ran into Jordan and Justin Roovers from my home town of 7000 people in a small surf shop. What are the odds? Tonight is the last night for a few people on the tour so we are heading out to celebrate a great victory. It's amazing how close you can feel to someone for only knowing them for two weeks. It will be sad to say good-bye but now I have many friends that I could someday visit in the UK, Argentena, and Brazil.

The weather is cooling down and isn't in the high 30's anymore. It will continue to cool down as we move south. Saturday our tour concludes and I fly to Dunedin, New Zealand where I will be going to school. School starts on the 24th. I am just getting use to this thing called travelling. There will always be weekends!

All my love back home! Home is always in my thoughts.