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Jon’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapSo let's talk about Dunedin. Dunedin is a University City with over 40 000 students which invade the city streets and create a real rowdy atmosphere. 95% of students that attend Otago don't live in Dunedin so there is much to celebrate for students returning to there University city and not so much to celebrate for the residence that live here all year round. Kiwi's are nice people and are very out going and kind, but as soon as they get drinking they turn into real animals. It's almost like they're werewolves in the sense when the sun goes down they turn into wild creatures that cause much ruckus on the streets. Here students walk around the streets with open alcohol everywhere and it's legal, they burn anything they can get there hands on, and they sing rugby songs till the sun comes up the next day. It's an atmosphere I have never seen before. Oh and school starts on Monday. Minor detail.

So we went on a camping / tramping excursion last weekend. It was the boys Oz who is from England, Taka who is from Japan, and then Vince who is from France. It was such a spontaneous adventure. We bought all the gear Saturday and rented a car and took off on Sunday. We headed down to the most Southernly point of New Zealand. Making many stops along the way. We saw beautiful hills, waterfalls, rocks, beaches, cliffs, wild life (sea lions, pengiuns, seals etc), caves and stayed the night on beaches. The second night I heard something walking around our tent. And first of all I thought it might be a kiwi or something but then I thought it might actually be someone or something that I didn't even know exsisted so I woke up Oz and told him what I had heard. So I turn on my torch and head outside the tent not knowing what to expect to find and we look around and see nothing. Then we hear this little noise coming from the tree and I shine the torch to the trunk of the tree and it's this small cute little posseum, and he just sat up there and looked at us like "Hey guys, what's up?" Oz looked at me in disbelief and went strait back inside the tent. But it was just one of those things when you don't know what's out there your mind wonders to make up these creatures that possibly could be out there. Every day we took on different responsibilities to who was to cook, set up the tent, and who was to start the fire. Every weekend we're going to try to get out and go on an excursion. If anyone has camping tips I would love to hear them. We discovered bananas and Natella, that you should always have a big water jug, you never want to be against the tent wall when it's raining, that it takes a lot longer to do everything like make supper when your in the outdoors and that it's nice getting away from the business of the world.

Dunedin weather is drastic. Today it has rained and then turned sunny a dozen times. Sports day was today as I played touch rugby which was good times but we were out of our league. It was just like if we were to play hockey against people from Hawaii. We just didn't stand a chance. Oh it's raining AGAIN.

Well I hope you are all enjoying the snow. Because I would rather have snow, then this rain then sun shinanagins. I hope you are all well. I am missing home these past few days, but I know it will just take some re-adjusting to Dunedin.