Jo & Rohan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Feb 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Map3-2-1 Bungy

From Wanaka we had a short journey to the adrenaline capital of NZ, if not the world - Queenstown. The list of activites that you can try out here is endless, not great on the bank account but you only live once! Top of Ro's list was a bungy jump, in fact he had planned to try out all 3 of Queenstowns Bungys, known as a Thrillogy. Jo had no intention of jumping but on the way in we drove past the 43 metre Kawarau Bridge, the worlds first commercial bungy site, and she said "It doenst look to bad, maybe I will try it!" When we got to town we signed up and were given the news that we would both be jumping from Kawarau Bridge that day!! Once we arrived we were weighted in and ready to go. Ro was first up, he shuffled to the edge and looked over, a wave goodbye and then he was gone, head first into the water, it was all over in a few seconds, a great buzz. 30 mins later and it was finally Jo's turn, the wait wasn't good for her nerves, neither was another girl having a panic attack and deciding not to jump! Eventually she jumped and admitted afterwards that she enjoyed it. 1 down and 2 to go for Ro. Next up the massive 134 metre Nevis Highwire. The whole experience scares you. The jump pod is suspended in a canyon which you have to take a cable car over to, as the cable car shakes and you look down your heart begins to beat like its going to come out of your chest. We got across and 3 people in our group of 12 chickened out, the nerves are shred to bits now. Jo, who was not jumping had turned a pale shade of white. Shit, I can't chicken out now. They shuffled me to the edge of the platform, 3-2-1 bungy, I didn't jump. This time a longer count, 5-4-3-2-1 Bungy and I went.... about 7 seconds freefall and within a couple of minutes I was back on the platform legs shaking. I cant tell you that I enjoyed it. Far too scary! Bungy number 3 was The Ledge which is situated 400m above the town. We took the cable car up to the top and the jump seemed a walk in the park compared to Nevis as its only 47 metres. As the elastic is tied around your waist on this one you are able to take a running jump which I did with no hesitation and enjoyed every minute! If the bungy jumps weren't enough we also tried some River Boarding (similar to white water rafting, but on a boogie board). We were given some basic instructions and then sent down the river, the first rapid was pretty fierce and Jo got dragged under and hit her knee, not a good start! We managed to negotiate the rest of the river ok and even survived a section called 'Maneater' with no real alarm. The final part of the day was probably the best bit as we got to ride on a rescue jetski, jump off some rocks, ride down a waterslide on the boogie board aswell as a giant swing. After all this our bodies ached for about 3 days! Our last activity in Queestown was the Shotover Jet. A wicked jetboat that rides through the Shotover Canyon going at about 100kmph and carrying out numerous 360 degree turns. Again another fun activity that we both enjoyed. We also went to a place called Minus 5 bar, literally a very cool place. Everything in the bar is made of ice, including the actual bar itself and the glasses. You can only stay in here 30 minutes due to the temperature. By the this time you are ready to leave anyway.