Jo & Rohan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

MapNext up Kaikoura, on the east coast of the south island. The main reason visitors come here is the marine life. As we had already been on a dolphin trip we decided to sign up for some Whale Watching. When we arrived there was a warning of possible sea sickness due to the choppy conditions but we still decided to risk it. 10 minutes into the boat journey the conditions got even worse and the boat had to turn back. To be fair it was serious stuff out there, much worse than we had expected. After getting a full refund we signed up to do it early the following day. At 6am we phoned for a weather report and were advised conditions were similar to the previous day. At this time of the morning it took little persuation for us to cancel again and head back to bed! No whales for us.