Jo & Rohan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jan 2006

Location: Whitanga, New Zealand

MapCoromandel Peninsula

After another night in Auckland we travelled out to the Coromandel Peninsula. Along the way we stopped at a few interesting places, the first being Mount Eden, where we had a great view of Auckland for yet more photos. The next stop was Hot Water Beach where 2 hours either side of low tide you can dig a hole in the sand which fills up with hot water creating your own spa pool. We both took out our spades and started to dig but unfortunately everywhere we dug seemed to be cold water, so we ended up sampling someone elses pool! The water was so hot in certain places it actually burnt our feet. The last stop we had before Whitanga was Cathedral Cove. While here we took a 40 minute scenic walk until we reached the impressive limestone arch which had been formed by the sea eroding the cliffs.
On our first day in Whitanga we tried out some Maori-Style Bone Carving. We each picked our own design which we traced onto a piece of bone, we then had to cut out the shape using different tools under the guidance of our tutor (it was just like being back at school in a DT lesson) until we had created our own Maori souviner. Neither of us started out that well but were both happy with our final result. As we had very good weather while we were here the next couple of days were spent on the beach doing a bit of sunbathing and trying out some boogy boarding. We also had time to visit the local cinema to watch King Kong which is set in New Zealand, this gave us the chance to sample more of the scenery we hope to see over the next few weeks.