Jo & Rohan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

MapThe Suplhur City

The first thing we noticed when we arrived in Rotorua was the smell! It smells of rotten eggs. This is because the place has the most energetic thermal activity in NZ, there are hot springs and bubbling mud pools all over the place. On our first day we tried out some thermal pools at the Polynesian Spa, where the pools overlook Lake Rotorua. The water temperature ranged from 36C to 42C. The pool that was 42C was so hot it nearly took the skin of our toes! The city also has a large Maori population and it was recomended to us that this would be a good place to experience a Maori concert and traditional hangi (meal). We were taken out to a mock up village just outside the city where we saw Maori warriors and maidens perform various songs and dances including the Haka. Then dinner was served. This was proably the best meal we have had since we left home. We were given Chicken, Lamb, Roast Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and various vegatables aswell as some mouth watering deserts. All of which were apparently cooked below ground in traditional Maori style. It was a great experience and interesting for us to learn a small bit about their culture.