Jo & Rohan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jan 2006

Location: Taupo / Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

MapAn Eventful Couple Of Days!

We left Rotorua early morning for Taupo. The first stop was The Lady Knox Geyser, which erupts daily at 10.15am with a little prompting from a few bars of soap. Next up was Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland where there are many brightly coloured mineral lakes and craters some of which reach extremely high temperatures. A couple of hours down the road we stopped at a place called Rock and Ropes. We were here for about 30 minutes so had the chance to try out some of their activities. First up was the trapeze, you have to climb up a 40ft pole and then stand on the top of it. Once on top you had to jump off and reach out to catch the trapeze. Sounds easy, but with the pole and your legs shaking it was much harder than it looked. Rohan managed to grab hold of it but Jo was so close but yet so far! Then we tried the giant swing. Again we had to climb up a pole of the same height, jump off it and swing. These were both great fun but nothing compared to what was up next A SKYDIVE! From here we headed to Huka Falls where we stopped to take a few snaps of the waterfall before being collected by the skydive company. We arrived at Taupo Airport, were kitted up and given some instructions on what we needed to do when we were up there. The plane took of and as we travelled higher the nerves increased. When we reached 1200ft it was time to jump, no turning back now! Jo was first out, she gave the exit camera a nervous smile and bang she was out there! Rohan was next, a shaky thumbs up to the camera and he was out too, both of us falling at about 200km/ph for 45 seconds before our parachutes were pulled! Wow what a rush. As we descended in we had some fantastic views of Lake Taupo (which is actually bigger than Singapore!) before we both completed a smooth landing and were safely on the ground still high on adrenaline from the freefall. After all of this you would have thought a few days rest were needed, but no, the following day we decided to take on the 17km Tongariro Crossing, which passes through several volcanoes, craters and some brilliantly coloured lakes. One of the volcanoes we passed was Mount Ngauruhoe, which was used as Mount Doom in the final Lord Of The Rings film. Parts of the walk were pretty tough especially the Devils Staircase which seemed never ending but were glad that we made the effort as the scenery was spectacular. Our last day in Taupo was spend recovering from our exertions!