wheresnat’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Aug 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapSeriously slack when it comes to updating this site, but have had lots on.

In the last update, I was standing in as a team leader for a week. Since the update I have completed another week as tl and am currently on a third week for a different team.
It's great to have a change of scenery and work towards different goals for work.

I have finally updated the photos page to include the 11 patty cheeseburger incident and the recent Mexican housewarming night.

Some of you may be aware of the fact that I'm in the process (with a lot of help (graphically) from Dave) of creating a website aimed at people returning from their OE's. I have had lots of help and input from lots of people which I am really grateful for. It should be up and running in the next month or so....

Hope everyone is great.
Keep checking back, as there is bound to be more photos and stories coming up soon!!!