wheresnat’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 Mar 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapHey all,

Have updated some photos.

First was the Chinese lantern festival then a page of random photos.
The photos include some of Dave's Chch family (his Mum's side) from after his Nana's funeral, some of cocktail party I went to and also my Monopoly board...

Some of you will know that just before I left London, I found a copy of the UK monopoly board and I went around and took photos of all the street names for it.
I had to use some artist license, but it's my board so it's allowed.
Best part was the two policemen I met on the Tube who agreed to pose for me.
Huge thanks must also go out to my dear girl friends in London who agreed to pose for Community Chest. Thanks girls!

Nothing too exciting here - just poo weather and some sunshine.

Dave, Megan, Kelly and I all head to Samoa next Friday for some R & R and I'm really excited!

Hope everyone is well.