wheresnat’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapHey kids,

Dave, Kelly, Megan and I ventured to Samoa for a long weekend over Easter.

Being a fairly religious place, everything all but closed down forcing us to lounge by the pool and drink duty-free. We were quite brave about it tho!

We did manage to have a couple of walks to the markets, but given that it was between 30+35oC+ everyday, we didn't walk much further than the local shop for soft drink top-ups for the duty free.
Did come home with some small Tapa cloths and some coconut shell hair stuff but that was about it...
We hired a 4x4 on one of the days and I drove (the others were quite brave apart from the incident with the speed hump and no warning signs....) and it wasn't too hard to get used to driving on the other side of the road.

All in all a great trip! I'd tell you more stories, but we spent 75% of our time by the pool or hanging out in the air conditioned room!


hope everyone is well.

lots of love,