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Wednesday, 11 Jan 2006

Location: Valencia, Spain

MapHappy New Year! 2006 - Year of the dog

Good luck to everyone for the new year. The biggest news for me is that I asked Qingqing to marry me on Christmas Eve (in an extremely romantic moment) ;-) She said yes, despite the fact that I'm really not very good at romantic stuff like proposing and predictably messed the whole thing up... Qingqing and I are planning to come to England for the summer and then travel to China later in the year (probably around September).

Christmas and New Year celebrations are finally over now; here in Spain it goes on for a very long time. Day of the Kings was just last Friday - finally the christmas muzac has stopped! This year will hopefully be a very lucky one for me and all fellow dogs. Apparently some Chinese companies only employ dogs: -

My new year's resolution is to learn Mandarin, or failing that, to study the language. I hope to suprise everyone (including myself) by studying hard and regularly. I know what you're all thinking...