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Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2006

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapHad a hectic day in the HUGE metropolis of Tokyo. Emi's friend MIO took me around town and i mean all around town. I had my first experience on the Tokyo subway system. The trains were packed no matter what time of day we borded them. We visited Temples, shrines and after some difficulty even found the Bathing Ape store. But with T-shirts in the price range of 300 and up, i had to decline the tempting urge to purchase one. When it comes to clothing Tokyo is amazingly expensive. Food on the other hand is rather inexpensive.

After a long day criss crossing town, Emi's family took me out for UNAG, (eel). Here restaurants specialize in one food. This restaurant only served eel. BBQed, steamed, broiled, fried, tempuraed, raw, alive, anything that your heart desires. I went with BBQ eel. This dish also came with eel liver (i must say that that is an aquired taste that i have to this point have not yet aquired), eel/egg soup, raw eel, tuna, octopus and scallop sashimi. I took some cool pictures and hope to be posting them soon.

Today we'll be going to Yokohama. Post will follow