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Dan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2006

Location: Kamakura, Japan

MapEmi, Yasu and I went to Kamakura yesterday. Kamakura is located roughly half way between Yokohama and Hiratuska. I'm staying in the later one. First we visited the Hase Kannon Temple and then the amazingly large bronze Budda sculture at the Kotokuin Temple. By large i mean 11.4 meters large. Several little children that where there at the same time as we were, burst into tears and ran in absolute fear when seeing the large sculture.

In the afternoon, we drove on to Yokohama. The three of us strolled down the busy shopping streets, China town and walked along the huge port. ( I saw a cruise ship that was bound for Vancouver..i was tempted to get on)

We had lunch in a small cafe where MIO works and returned back to Hiratsuka for dinner.

Tomorrow it's off to Hiroshima. This will be my first experience with the bullet train.