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Dan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

Location: Hiroshima, Japan

MapThe first goal for today was to make it to Miyajima island and do some sight seeing. This island is covered with of which almost took my thumb off when i was looking at the map.

I found it surpising how many white ppl where there..esp Germans. It's kinda funny, cause when ever a white person spots me, they feel obligated to give me a nod or a smile or a HEY WHAT'S up. I guess us white folk need to stick together. We are heavily outnumbered.

Tomorrow it's of to the province of Shimane, to a small town called Izumo..Because of its remote location, no major train lines go there. So I'll be forced to take slow local trains. Should make it there in 6 hours...

That's it for today..
Love and miss you all
Ohh and check it out..The lonecaucasion is now #4 for this month...AWESOME...