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Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Mar 2006

Location: Kyoto, Japan

MapHello everyone

I had a rough couple days..I arrived in Shimane (Izumo) on the 12th. A person in Hiroshima had warned me that it had snowed there the night before. I considered that to be un-AWESOME news. When i arrive there, it wasn't snowing, but it was windy and cold. Ontop of that i had caught some kinda of bug on the way up there and i was feeling sub par. I dropped my bag off at the hostel (which was run by the female version of North Korea's Leader Kim Jong)..she told me that i had to stay out till 4 o'clock..when i went to get my camera out of my bag, she motioned me to leave...NOW!!! I spent the next 40 minutes walking around, trying to find a corner i could huddle behind to escape the wind. At 4:00 i went back and signed in, and headed for bed. By then i was not only cold but on the best way of getting sick.

The next morning at breakfast i didn't feel much better. The sight of eel, raw tuna and salmon didn't help my lack of appetite. I had a nice chat with a Japanese girl who had studdied in Toronto. Our talk started about travel plans but soon switched to the terrible hospitality. In addition to the food, me feeling sick and the 6inches of snow outside, i didn't feel like doing much of anything that day.

I ended up going to bed after that and sleeping and reading till night time. I managed to completely read one of my books though..slightly impressive.

Breakfast the next morning was the same..eel, clam soup...
those are all things that i eat and have started liking..but at 7AM, that's a different story. I ate the rice and made my way out of that hostel as soon as i could, arriving at the train staion two hours before my train's departure. I didn't care about that, atleast i didn't have so see Kim Jong anymore...what a B#%(&.

So now i'm in Kyoto...i'm gonna go check it out.Hopeffuly post some pictures later ontoday. Where I'm staying..internet is it 20 minutes at a time...

Love and miss you all..later