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Dan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Mar 2006

Location: Osaka, Japan

MapA new post and some new pictures..You guys are LUCKY!!!!

I've been in Osaka now for three days and I might have seen a quarter of the city. I figure that Osaka is a city that encorporates the crazyness of Tokyo with the wonderfullness (is that even a word) of Kyoto. Too much too see in too little time.

Yesterday at breakfast i met Rocky and Ruby. My two new American friends. They love Canada and loath they are cool in my books..ohh and they are funny too..We have spent the last two days criss crossing the city.

Yesterday (17) we went and started our morning with some Sumo. What a crazy experiene!!! We got to see part of the last day of a six day tournament. I'll never forget that day.. On our way out of the stadium, we came across all these stands that offeref gift baskets to ppl that were willing to spend 50-300$. We asked if we could get a free one..but were denied...UNTIL a lady in line said that we could have a present....OHH WOW...
We chatted for a bit, saying thanks you and arigato a billion times. Then she asked us if we had eaten yet...we said no, at which time she handed us another bag packed with three stacks of bento boxes, cookies, nuts, etc...the bag probably weighed 20 lbs. Such insane was unreal. What a cool thing to have happen tho ;)

We went home and unpacked our'll be able to see the photo.

Today (18) we met up with a friend of a friend (Midori) and her friend (Maho) [who traveled an hour and a half by train to come meet us] to show us around kinda and helpful. We did a lot of Osaka sight seeing with the coolest thing being Osaka castle..It is HUGE. MASSIVE, GIGANTIC. During our visit at the castle we were able to play dress up...(picture is attached).

After that we headed to Hep 5 a huge shopping center in the middle of downtown. This 8 story mall makes anything in Canada look small (exp W-EM) was insane!!

After that we headed back to Nagai (the area where our hostel is) and have been on the internet ever since...

Tomorrow I'm planing on going to Nara, depending on the weather. The day after that I'm heading to Korea...

Hope everyone had a good St. Pat's day..

miss you all!!!!