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Dan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Mar 2006

Location: Seoul, Korea (South)

MapI have arrived in Seoul, Korea and let me tell you i feel like I'm on a different planet. I haven't seen much from it so this might just be my first impression. My flight got in a little late and then i had to take a bus from the airport to Seoul. I met a business man who had just returned from Dubai. We chatted all the way into town. Another day, another buddy made.

The guy that runs this guesthouse, picked me up at the bus station and we came to the house that I'm staying at for tonight. I have a private room with free internet and I'm paying less than a dorm room style in Japan. One happy camper..or Guesthouser?

I went for dinner down the street and had my first run in with Korean Food. I was told that it is spicy and...YUP..IT'S SPICY..REALLY SPICY!!!!! After sitting down and ordering, i noticed about 20 dozen eggs sitting out and a lady with a pet monkey having dinner at the couple tables down. So....I hope that this isn't my last blog entery.

Tomorrow I'm taking the bus to Daaejon for my two day temple stay. I"m really looking forward to that. I doubt that I'll have internet the blog will most likely have to wait a couple days.