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Dan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Mar 2006

Location: Dajeon, Korea (South)

MapDear Friends and avid blog readers

I'm still at the Buddhist temple about to depart in an hour or so. I have had a good and very relaxing time here and a very deep and meaningful talk with the head abbott. But this entry will not deal with my views on Buddhism or what i am looking for in the Buddhist teachings. This blog entry will have to do with the washing facilities and the food that i have experienced in Korea. This is not for the weak

1. Toilets
Now i understand the concept of a squat style toilet. You don't touch anything, thus nothing gets dirty. Good in theory...right.??
But there is something about the concept of squating over an opening not much larger as my foot. This problem increases exponentially when it is dark outside and the only light you have to work with is that from the moon. AWKWARD..

So if there is one thing that i could give every Korean (make that every Japanese and Korean) it would be a western style toilet.

2. Food
As most of you know i'm not a fan of ueberly spicy food. It's not that i can't handle it, but the burning sensation that i get in my mouth destroys any sensations that foods that follow can proivide me. The subtle flavours are gone after i eat anything spicy. Now, Korean food is spicy, i'll accept that. But what i've had is spicy to the n-th degree. After taking a bite of tofu at lunch today, i rushed to the kitchen to submerge my tongue in a glass of water. And the sound that it made....HIISSSSSSSSSSSS.. Perhaps that was my imagination, but i wouldn't doubt was HOT.

I would totally appreciate it, if the food could be a mix of mild and slightly spicy so i can appreciate the flavours of each food item. Don't think that that's too much to ask for.

So there you have it. My two cents for the day.

P.S This blog is at number 2....BAAM