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Dan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 31 Mar 2006

Location: Panmunjom, Korea (South)

MapSo today finally came and i went on the DMZ tour. With my beard nice and trimmed, my nice khakis and polo on, i was ready to roll. After signing in with the tour company, we got on the bus and started our trip. On our way out to Panmunjom, we got the low down. While at the DMZ we weren't allowed to touch anything belonging to the "other side" (communist party), were not allowed to point at the N-Koreans, were not allowed to make any gestures towards them, etc, etc, etc.. The first stop was at the Unification park which was followed by Korean lunch. After our feast, we went on to Camp Bonifas where we got our briefing and were asked to sign our life. At this point we were made aware that injury and/or death were a possibility during this lil' outing. I guess it wouldn't be a good time without that reminder. We transferred onto military buses and then made our way to the Freedom house, the MAC building, the Pagoda overlooking the MAC, Checkpoint 3 and the bridge of no return. It was at Checkpoint three that our tour almost got asked to leave due to a YANK pointing towards the N-Korean outlook post. Kinda glad we didn't get shot!! While in the MAC building we were allowed to step over to the N-Korean side. I wish i could have gotten a stamp in my passport. The entire trip lasted 6 hours and was a cool experience. Until i saw what's going on there, I didn't really think about the seriousness of what's going on at Panmunjom. I guess i live in a bubble back in Victoria.

After we returned to Seoul, i went out and took some night shots. Hope you all like them..