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Dan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Apr 2006

Location: Seoul, Korea (South)

MapToday was a good day..although it was raining. But today was a good day cause i had eggs, bacon and hash browns at the same time...OHhh and there was toast..YAY toast.

I met up with Steve, a fellow canuck who i met through online buddy ;) , who took me to a Canadian restaurant for brunch. While i was eating my eggs and bacon (hmmm bacon) i totally felt back at home again. So good, and a very nice change to the breakfasts i have been having.

After that we walked around the city, saw the Korean war museum (from the outside), went to Itaewon (crazy shopping area), went to the royal palace (or what was left of it), joined in on a rally/protest (which we had no idea what it was about), went and got the gadget (which we all knew i was going to anyways), then headed to COEX for some dinner (which...was awesome).

I'm not back at my guesthouse and about to start packing. I fly back to Osaka tomorrow for a one night lay over and then to Beijing on Monday morning. I can't wait to meet up with my dad. We are going to be traveling together from China all the way to Austria. Gonna be fun.

I'm gonna start packing.....and post again in a couple days.

Miss you all.