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Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Apr 2006

Location: Beijing, China

MapI arrive in Beijing yesterday around noon after a small delay in Osaka. My dad arrived a couple hours later and we met up without any problems. It is weird traveling with another person. Weird..But GOOD. We took a taxi to our hotel and then walked towards Tian' anmen square. It was amazing. All light up and seemed like millions of people walking around that area.

I hope to post some pics a little later.

Today we took in the forbidden city and Tian' anmen square during the day. After that we walked to Tiantan (the Temple of Heaven) which was blocked off due to construction...AWESOME. Although there were many nice things to see in that area, it was a bummer to see that the one thing we wanted to see was closed off...

Tomorrow we are planing on going to check out the Great wall and the Ming Tomb. Should be fun...