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Dan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Apr 2006

Location: Beijing, China

MapHad an interesting day today. We hired a taxi for the day and the driver met us in the lobby at 730. Our objective was to see the Great Wall of China and the Ming Tombs. We took the windy road up to the Wall and what awaited us when we turned off the highway...SNOW..yeah it started to snow. Not a little, but a lottle ( and yes that is a word, go ahead and use it in scrabble). We entered the parking lot below the near the entrance to the wall and snow had already piled up a couple centimeters on the roof of our taxi. AWESOME!!!!! Totally not prepared for snow or cold weather in general really:S We made our way to the entrance and started to ascend the wall. The section that we went on was steep as hell and with the snow it was slippery as well. Dope combination. The snow was also accompanied with fog and we could hardly see the wall 30 m in front of us. With our toes and fingers frozen, we decided to turn around about an hour in. On our way down we saw a Starbucks and just had to go in. Starbucks near the great wall of china...go figure.

Our next stop were the Ming Tombs and as we reached them, it decided to stop snowing. Perfect timing, cause these are kept inside. Took some lovely pictures and I'll try to post them asap. Although this hotel is kinda posh, the Internet is not all that great. The last pictures took forever to upload.

After our little outing, we returned to the hotel. I decided that i needed to exercises a little more and went for a little run. I made it to Tian anmen square before i was ordered by the Military police to STOP and turn around. I felt like giving him my two cents worth, but declined. The guns kinda scared me.

After a quick shower, i went out and got some noodle soup which i cooked up using the tea kettle in our room. A nice cheap dinner for two. It's off to bed in a little bit. Tomorrow is our last day in Beijing before flying to Xian on Sat. I'll keep you all posted on what's goin' on.

Love ya, miss ya