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Dan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Apr 2006

Location: Xian, China

MapHello all..

I must apologize for my hiatus from the site. The server has been giving me some problems. I can't look up messages and i haven't been able to upload pictures in a couple days. So sorry, but I'll post stuff as soon as i possibly can.

My father and I have been in Xian for the last two days, and they have been action packed. Xian used to be the old capital of China in the olden days ( hahah Megan) and the downtown core is surrounded by a HUGE wall. We have cir cum navigated the entire inner city about three times now and have some cool pictures of the Bell and Drum tower. Yesterday we joined a tour (after swearing we would "NEVER" do that). For less than 10bucks/person we got taken to the major touristy things to see in Xian. The main stop were the Terracotta warriors located about 30 minutes outside of Xian. It was pretty interesting to see all those little men lined up in a pit, but i must say i had imagined something more grand. I wish i could have gotten a little closer to the figures, but with my ZOOM i was able to get some nice pictures..Well i hope i was able to, i haven't been able to look at them up close yet.

Today we headed back downtown and toured the great mosque which was really cool. We then decided to go through the long corridors of shopping stalls. The sales people were waiting for us like vultures. Sitting on little wood stools, peering over tables layered with fake merchandise and yelling.." take a look".
It's funny the first time it happens, but then the second, third, billionth time, it starts getting annoying and i was starting to lose my cool a bit. We decided to escape and got some ice cream a couple blocks down the road. Refreshing!!

We are now just typing up some emails and writing in my blog before we head to our hotel and figure out what we will do tomorrow after arriving in Shanghai. I have arranged for dinner with a friend of a friend there. She is going to help us out a bit with where to go and what to see in the city.

So tomorrow it's off to Shanghai. Hopefully the Internet will be better there and i can upload some pictures. Hope all is well back at home.