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Dan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Apr 2006

Location: Shanghai, China

MapHermann and i got a nice early start today and headed straight downtown to the Bund. The weather was considerably nicer than the day before and we took some shots of the Oriental Pearl Tower and all the funky buildings in Pudong. We then made our way down Nanjing Road towards the museum and the new performance hall. The architecture in Shanghai is amazing. I really wish we could spice up Victoria with a couple of these structures.

Next we went to XinTiandi and visited the CPC (Communist Party of China) museum, before going for a Wiener Schnitzel in a near by German restaurant. I'm no 100% sure, but i think that that was the first time since i left that I've used a knife and a fork for a meal. It was rather noticeable as I could barely maneuver the food into my mouth. Chopsticks are my utensil of choice. You can cook with them, eat with them and cleaning them is a lot easier than a fork where food can get caught in the prongs.

We marched on to Xiang Yang Road, the road on which you can buy anything. I had my eye on a blue Ralph Lauren cashmere v-neck sweater. The guy was asking 350 RMB for it. I laughed and walked away. The price now dropped quickly to 250, then 180. I said "I'll give ya 50RMB". He looked shocked and someone insulted that i threw out such a low number, but in the end he agreed on 50RMB. So for $7.20 CDN, I'm now the owner of a new Ralph Lauren sweater...nice one!!!!

The noise of people screaming and car horns knocking was starting to give my dad a headache, so we decided to head back to the hotel. While he was sleeping i was trying to sort things out with the site without much luck and ended up uploading the same thing three times. ARRRGGghhhh
Now that i have the new browser things seem to be working though.

Later that evening we went back downtown and took some nice shots of the OPT and Nanjing Road.

Tomorrow we are flying to Guilin, located in southern China. (2.5 hour flight from here). I'm looking forward to it....

Hopefully i can post some stuff from there...