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Dan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Apr 2006

Location: HCMC, Vietnam

MapHello there.. It is wear to be posting two entries in just as many days....

Today, Hermann and I toured the Mekong Delta. After a 2 hour bus ride passing rice fields and farms we arrived at the rural district of Trung Luong. We got on a little boat and cruised along the Mekong River passing dozen of boats that were selling everything from fruit to clothing. A couple kids that were swimming in the river hung on to our boat and didn't let go until another passenger on the boat gave them a dollar. At one time there were 7 or 8 kids on our boat. It felt like our boat had been hijacked by little pirates. After paying them to get off the boat, we kept on going to a small island where we were lunch was served. Then onto another boat that took us to another island were we were serenaded by locals and watch coconut candy being made. Before heading back to HCMC, we had one more river cruise on Vietnamese style rowing boats. Then we had to endure another 2 hours on a muggy bus. [Although it is hot here (37C) it's the humidity that's so unbearable. I can't wait till i get to Cambodia, Thailand and India. It's only going to get hotter the further along we go.]
What a day though. The trip started at 9 and we got back to HCMC at around 530 and all that cost 7US. That's 7 for the bus, the cruises and the food. I'm lovin' Vietnam

We have one more day in HCMC before heading north to Hoi An.