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Dan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Apr 2006

Location: Hue, Vietnam

Map Hey there...

Today I realize why one shouldn't take malaria medication on an empty stomach. Yeah got a little sick, and a five hour bus trip from Hoi An to Hue on winding, bumpy roads didn't make things any better. We arrived in Hue around 1and booked it straight to our hotel so I could take a nap. Around three I felt decent enough to go downtown and we visited the old kings palace and walked around Hue for a bit before going back to the hotel. We relaxed for a bit, took in some fluids and then had a nice five course dinner for three bucks. The owners wife cooked for us and it was great Vietnamese food. Noodles with pork, beef soup, rice noodles filled with shrimp and a mango/fruit platter. Hermann indulged in a beer whereas i stuck to water. My new best friend...drinking fiveish liters a day

Now that all the things have been sorted out with the site, I'm afraid that all the computers that I'm using don't have USB or it's not working. So I'll have to wait to find a computer where i can upload some pics. Grrrrr

We have one more day here before heading to Sapa and then Hanoi. Then it's off to Cambodia... :S