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Dan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2006

Location: Hue, Vietnam

MapWe hired a taxi yesterday to take us to the major sights around Hue. Visited two tombs, several Pagodas and a temple (I'm starting to get out-templed...there are too many here). One of the monks in training at the temple started speaking to me and wants to practice his English. So i now have my first pen pall ever, a Vietnamese monk living in the middle of nowhere.
On the way back to Hue, we stoped at a little road side stall where they were making incense sticks and traditional hats.
We drove back to town and went for lunch in a little restaurant that was located just off the road. Most restaurants in Hue use those small plastic chairs that are usually meant for kids. My dad and i looked like the biggest clowns trying to squeeze ourselves into those chairs. It was even more embarrassing trying to get out. As we were leaving and trying to get up, the chairs came up with us. The people that were eating there thought it was hilarious, whereas i found it to be rather awkward. It's not that I'm too's just that everything here is too small.

Today we are heading to Hanoi and then taking the night train to Sapa. We haven't book it yet, so it'll be interesting to see if we get a sleeper train or if we'll be forced to sit in chairs or perhaps even stand for the 9 hour journey... Hoping for the sleepers.
We will be spending two nights there before going back to Hanoi.

I hope that i can find a computer that has working USB in the next couple days..stay tuned