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Dan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Apr 2006

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

MapThe exciting days keep on coming.

Hermann had caught a bug while we were in Sapa. Perhaps something he ate or the drastic change in temperature. We weren't too sure what it was but decided to take it easy. He was feeling so so on the train ride and the frustrating events on the train didn't make the situation any better. He continued having stomach problems today in the morning and i decided it would be best to take him to the hospital and get it checked out. After going to the nearest hospital, just down the street from us, we were advised to visit the international hospital in Hanoi. Apparently it's the best in town (and from the bill that we had to pay, also the most expensive). They ran several tests and concluded that he has food poisoning.

So for the next couple days Hermann can enjoy a diet of rice and water and a dose of electrolytes every couple hours. What a wonderful experience while traveling. We took the rest of the day rather easy, doing some sight seeing around Old Hanoi.

Tomorrow, if he feels better, we are going to go on a walking tour around Hoan Kiem lake and its surroundings.

After tomorrow we are flying to Siem Reap.. I can't wait.