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Dan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 May 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapArrived in Bangkok yesterday in the middle of a thunder storm. I haven't seen it rain this hard since almost getting washed away in Osaka. But this rain feels more like a nice warm shower and thus much nicer than its Japanese counterpart.

After the rain and subsequent thunder had disappeared, Hermann and i ventured outside for a couple hours. Our hotel is in a great location in the midst of many clothing stores and small restaurants. Prime location to do some explorations around Bangkok.

We got up early and had an AMAZING breakfast at the restaurant, inc bacon, sausage and french toast. (do the Americans still call it freedom toast??) We left the hotel around 8 and started walking towards the grand palace. As we were walking down the street we were approached by a man who said that he was part of the Thai tourist police and wanted to give us some tips. H and I rolled our eyes and let him give us his spiel. And it actually sounded like an amazing deal. Today was a Buddhist holiday in Thailand. Therefore some of the major temples are open today, which are usually off limits for foreigners. The deal for today was a three hour tuk tuk ride across town for 20Baht (60ish cents) to the major temples. We gave that the thumbs up and decided to hop into the next tuk tuk that rolled along. It sounded just like my first car. My yellow Putt Putt.
We cruised through the streets till just about noon and had a great time. We then got on a boat and took an hour long cruise down a smallish river, along floating markets and houses on stilts.
After lunch we finally made it to the royal palace and spend a couple hours walking through it and taking many (perhaps TOO many) pictures. [The computer my dad and I got today don't have USB...all this after me saying how great the computers are here...Grrrr]
After getting off here, we'll be heading for lunch pretty soon and then doing some cruising along the many stalls that have been set up along our road. So that's it. Tomorrow we'll...well we haven't decided that yet. But one thing is for sure...we'll eat A LOT of bacon and french toast..probably the worst food for someone with gall stones eh???