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Dan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapReady for a change...

For someone who complains that it is always cold, I will never be allowed to complain again. A nice breeze would be welcomed change from the heat that we are experiencing on a daily basis. We had another day of 36C and I feel that I'm melting away. It is hard to keep liquids in when the sun wants nothing more than to rob them from you. Especially now that I need to drink more than my usual amount of water to flush out those stones, the cycle of
intake and output is greater than ever.

The weather forecast for the upcoming days is much of the same. Heat galore. H and I were watching the news today and imagining how nice it would be to be anywhere in Europe right now where it seems that it's only about 20 degrees. Delhi, our next major destination had a low of 39C and a high of 46 today. That is just too hot for comfort. Perhaps it won't be as humid and thus a little more bearable.

With all this heat, still not fully recovered from what we have/had H and I both agree that we should speed things up and try to make it to Austria sooner rather than later. The last 7ish weeks have been fun, interesting and definitely a character builder. I've seen a lot, done a lot, thought a lot, eaten a lot and recently..sweat a lot. On top of all that, I've traveled a lot and the daily packing and unpacking is getting old. Our plans (if possible) is to cut the last 6 days out of Thailand, go to India ( a week before we were supposed to) and then go to Austria a little sooner too. Something familiar, would do us both good right about now. So that's the plan. I'll post a more definitive plan as soon as all the kinks get worked out.