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Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

MapHey there,

Just a quick hello. Hermann and i arrived in Austria on Sunday morning at 450AM. Besides slightly different scenery, the weather is a lot more bearable than in India. Cool actually. 20 degrees and I feel like i´m going to freeze. Good thing i didn´t send my sweater home.

We spent the morning walking around Vienna before meeting up with my Austrian cousin for lunch. In the early afternoon we then met up with my Canadian cousin and her husband and toured the city together. After some not so fancy, yet delicious Austrian cuisine, we took the 1820 to Linz. My original home town. My uncle picked me up from the train station and then it was off to Oma for some dinner. After being up for a good day and a half we collapsed and went to bed.

The next day, my uncle took us around town, showing us the new developments that have occurred since my last visit two years ago. It is amazing. Linz roughly the same size as Victoria is booming. Festivals, concerts, shows, so much going on. I wish Victoria could get it´s act together and make some things happen. Maybe i need to write a short letter to the mayor, Mr Low.

So i´ll hopefully be able to add some stuff in the days to come.

Till then..Cheers from Austria