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Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

MapI should never have complained about being too hot in India. I´ve been in Austria for a week now and it´s FREEZing. The temperature is hovering around 10 C. Hermann and I are running around in sweaters, long pants and sleeping under the thickest of blankets. What a change from a week ago. I guess a nice medium between the two would be nice. The cold has given me lots of time to acquaint myself with the museums and galleries in town. For a city that is a little smaller than Victoria, it is shocking how much there is to do and see here. It´s actually wonderful. I really wish that there was this much to do in Victoria.

Tomorrow I´m meeting up with a buddy that I went to elementary school with. I haven´t seen him in years and I´m totally looking forward to seeing him. The next couple nights are booked with family friends, most of which i haven´t seen in years or since before I moved to Canada.

There will be some pictures up shortly. It is depressing how grey it is here though.