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Dan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Jun 2006

Location: Linz, Austria

MapWell the weather here is less than awesome. Black clouds hover over Linz and there is no sign of it getting better. The forcast for the next week is less than exciting.
Linzfest starts on the weekend and i was hoping to spend lots of time outside along the Donau, watching performances and listening to bands. But if it´s this cold i´m not going outside.
My friend Rich´s friend is playing in the Ars Electronica on Sun and we are going to check it out. Thankfully it´s indoors. A definite plus.

H and I were invited to dinner at the Dürrschmid´s. It was a large gathering of people that I haven´t seen since I moved to Canada in 97. Great to see them all again. I love that upon seeing me, everyone tells me how much I´ve grown and how mature I am. Show´s how long they haven´t seen me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a lil warmer and nicer and we can spend some time outside. Otherwise I´ll curl up with my book (A million little pieces) and not venture outside.