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Dan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Jun 2006

Location: Saarbrücken, Germany

MapThree weeks of miserable weather and now it's finally getting nicer. The day we leave Austria. My dad and i flew from Vienna to Frankfurt today. The flight was the only one that i can remember where i have been able to seen the scenery below us from take off to landing. Clear blue sky all the way through. Fabulous. But after a more than pleasant flight the landing was rather harsh. A lot of sudden dips and jerks, the regular landing at good ol' Frankfurt airport.

At the airport my dad and I said our good byes. He is returning back home, whereas I are spending the next month (probably only two weeks) spending some time with my dad's cousin in Germany, going to Paris and then NYC and PA (to visit Ruby and Rocky) You can read more about those two in my Osaka section of this blog.

At this point i want to clarify something. I had an entry about the adventures of R&R and Daniel while we were in Nara. I said something along the lines that Ruby had to go to the washroom, and while we were waiting Rocky and I wandered into a room where we were shown how to make sushi and green tea. I have received some emails about re: "what happened to RUBY.. did she return??"
Ruby did return and she is doing well. I hope that clarifies things Janet.

It is weird to be traveling alone again. But i managed in Japan where i couldn't speak the language, i should do just fine in Germany. Although i must say that when i listen to some Germans speak, I could be listening to Japanese. I can't understand a word that they are saying. It's terrible how much the butcher the language. . . . . . just kidding :|

Tomorrow my cousin (x times removed) is going to show me the surroundings. He told me about an old steel mill that sounds really interesting. Looking forward to that. Tomorrow night we are going to catch Brazil play on the big screen in a near by city. That should be CRAZY COOL. will come I'm gonna watch some soccer and celebrate the loss that the US just suffered. I know..I'm going to hell.