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Dan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Jun 2006

Location: New York, USA

MapHey..So i'm in NYC now..I had a terrible time getting here. Almost
missed my connection in Paris. Had to switch to a different terminal, which was PACKED with ppl. and by the time i got there, they were about to close to the counter. Then i had to run through security which also had a huge line up. Finally made it to the plane with 5 minutes before take off. Then we had to wait about 15 minutes for four ppl to come. Ther airport is so poorly was horrible. Then i got to Montreal after a nice long flight and the luggage that had been sent from Frankfurt wasn't there. So i had to deal with that and then had 15 minutes to make it to my next flight. Rushed upstairs to Air Canada, lucky didn't have anything to check, cause they didn't send it from Paris. Then had to go through US customs and passport control. With 3 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave i made
it out of customs and SPRINTED to the terminal. They had already
closed it down. Thankfully the lady opened it for me and let me run to the plane. As i got there, they were about to close the plane door. I made it on okay, but my luggage is somehwere in Europe. They should send it here within the next day or so (IF THEY FIND IT!!!!)

I was about to say SCREW IT I"M FLYING HOME..but i'm here now, met up with Emily and we are just about to head out. After arriving i went clothing shopping got some t shirts. Gonna get some undies and some socks tomorrow. Thankfully had a pair of each with me. Now i can just wait and HOPE that my pack shows up..

SO!!! blAh..i find it funny though that we had NO problems in Asia,
and as soon as we get to N America SHIT like this happens..


So that's what went ontoday. I've been up for almost 45 hours now..i'm off to bed.