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Dan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006

Location: Montgomery, USA

MapWell ya'll, the trip is coming to and end. Tomorrow it's going back to Victoria. Just when I was getting used to the American money. All looks the same.

Rocky has been so kind to offer to drive me out to New York tomorrow morning. We are departing here around 6AM tomorrow. It promises to be a fun drive. It's been fun being in Montgomery and the Sanguedolce family has been nothing but kind to me. This is sure a different perspective of the US though. I'm only familiar with the bigger cities like NYC and Seattle, and this is the furthest south I have ever been.

From NYC it goes North to Toronto where i have a 6 hour layover. My travel agent told me that I should use my charm to get an earlier flight if possible. With my current luck with airline companies, my charm will get me a flight the day after tomorrow. But I will test my odds and see how lucky I get. If I don't get an earlier flight I'll be arriving in Victoria at 1049PM.

I've spent the last couple days thinking how weird it will be to be home again. To not having to live out of a backpack. To having a cellphone and a set of keys in my pocket. To drinking water without the fear of getting sick.

The last three and a half months have been a blast. I've seen incredible things, met amazing people and ohh more thing....been around the world.
But it sure is going to be nice getting home and not worrying about what i can and most likely shouldn't eat.

So if everything goes as planed, tomorrow night I'll be back in Victoria.