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Saturday, 18 Feb 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Map1st Stop - Santiago!
(if you don´t count 40mins in Auckland spent running madly from shop to shop in search of a plastic tiki which we didn´t find but we did get a bottle opener in the shape of a kiwi which is much more useful anyway!)

Having now figured out the difference between mens & womens toilets (difference being that men look at women very strangely in the mens toilets) and figured out that it´s easier to withdraw cash from an ATM that actually looks like an ATM instead of a computer screen with a card swipe (mainly because a proper ATM has a slot for cash to come out) we are now tackling restaurant menus (the 1st thing we noticed is that most meals come with cerzeva (BEER! -woo hoo!)

Trying not to have too much fun yet as we fly out tonight to Salvador & need our rest in prep for Carnivale! We´ll update photos soon.