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derek & lee’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2006

Location: Huayhuash day 2, Peru

MapWe set off early for our walk this morning and it came as no surprise that yet again the walk was straight up as there was no other way out of this small valley. Unfortunately my head has begun pounding today despite copious amounts of chocolate and Coca Cola (on Doctors advice, thank you very much!) There was a section on the walk today that was a bit scary, a steep gravelly slope over 1000 metres high. I teetered precariously up the slope trying (but to no avail) to keep up the pace with Derek and our guide Miguel, and near the top clutched desperately at a small rock about the size of a football that was the most sturdy looking thing I had seen in hours. Fortunately the walk from here was primarily downhill or flat and we arrived at camp with daylight hours left. I'm certain people were wondering why we looked so exhausted as this is normally campsite 1 after a half day walk along a flat road! Sure sounds good to me right now.